7 Reasons Why Water Damage Restoration is Important. 

February 3, 2022

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As a homeowner or property manager, one of the most prevalent disasters you are likely to face is water damage through floods, burst pipes, leaks, underground seepage, roof and gutter damage. In any event of water damage in your home or business, you'd understand why water damage restoration is important. What happens if you don't fix water damage is that it can cause further damages that would require, so it is highly important to be proactive and seek professional help for water damage restoration to prevent further damages to your home. So if you are wondering, is water damage restoration necessary? Here are seven reasons why it is. 

1. Mold Growth Prevention

To understand why water damage restoration is important, we need to look at the effects of water damage. One of the prominent effects is the growth of molds. Mold grows quickly in moist or wet environments. Even after removing standing water, moist surfaces left wet for an extended time provide a breeding environment for contaminants like mildew and mold. Molds can grow in various places, including the ceilings and beneath the wooden siding. The visibility of a mold Growth is not instantly apparent, and unfortunately, removing mold requires far more effort than allowing it to grow in the first place. Mold is not only an eyesore. It is a potential health hazard as it can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. A prompt water damage restoration can help you prevent mold growth and its health-related hazards.

mold growth without restoration services

2.  Prevention of Structural Damages

Water is essential for human lives. It can also be quite an extremely destructive element. Another reason why water damage restoration is important is that it can prevent structural damage. Long-term water exposure will degrade your home's structure, causing the floor to bow, walls to bend and crack, ugly stains on ceilings and walls, loss of insulation in the ceilings, and also causing ceilings to cave in under the weight. So if you are wondering, can water damage ruin a house? Hell yeah. Prompt action helps limit the initial damage. 

3. Protection of Possessions

Protecting your valuables indicates another reason why water damage restoration is important. When your house is hit with flood or broken pipe or leaks, your valuables such as furniture, books, stored foods, etc., can be damaged. Also, your basement is a potentially high-risk location, and sadly, this serves as a storage unit for mementos, emotional artifacts and other valuables that can be at risk of getting damaged. While some valuables are more susceptible to instant water damage, a prompt water damage restoration, particularly by a professional, can help prevent significant damage. 

4. For Your Safety

Safety is of paramount importance when considering why water damage restoration is important. Electrocution is a major concern associated with water damage. When there is water near outlets or appliances, it can cause dangerous electrical conditions. Electricity travels through water. This implies that if the water comes into touch with electricity, everyone in the water will be shocked, inflicting significant harm and possibly death. If this happens, it is important to put off the electricity and call an expert to assess your home to get rid of the concerns.

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5. Prevention of Health-Related Implications

Prevention of negative health implications of water damage is a key reason why water restoration is important. While the health implications of mold growth are one of the top concerns of water damage, numerous issues are related to water damage, particularly contaminated water. When people are exposed to this form of water damage, serious health concerns are primary, especially if swallowed. Water damage restoration requires a high level of sanitation. To avoid the growth of mold or other contaminants that can harm one's health, water damages should be promptly attended to and done properly. By drying everything as soon as possible, you can limit the risk of health problems resulting from water damage.

6. Reduced Costs

When we talk about saving money during water damage, the expression "a stitch in time saves nine" comes to mind. Water damage can be quite expensive, and it only takes a few hours to do significant damage. Achieving drywall depends on how quickly you call the specialists. Because the water will be cleared and the space dried up in a short period, engaging water damage restoration services right away lowers the total cost of restoration and damages. According to HomeAdvisor, the average quote in the restoration of the home after water damage is about $1,213 to $5,164 but this is much less than damage can cost without water damage cleanup.

7. Structural Damage Considerations

Water damage is one of the commonest types of damage to homes and businesses. Water damage is more likely to occur in homes and businesses as plumbing fixtures become more common and some locations become more prone to flooding. If water damage occurs, immediate action is required to eliminate mold and structural damage.

restoration services need after damages

FAQs About Water Damage Restoration:

How does water damage restoration process work?

Now that we've established why water damage restoration is important, let's look at the restoration process. Water damage restoration is restoring a home or building after being damaged by water. 

  • When dealing with water damage, timing is crucial. It's critical to contact trained and skilled damage restoration experts that can monitor and dry the affected regions.
  • Professionals in damage repair usually start by examining the problem to identify the best course of action. This is a vital step in the process of recovering the area.
  • To remove huge volumes of water and control moderate development, skilled specialists employ strong equipment such as vacuums and pumps.
  • The remaining water that is tougher to reach is removed by drying and dehumidifying. Cleaning and disinfecting the impacted items are also part of the restoration process.

Is water mitigation the same as water restoration?

Water mitigation services are focused on moving your home and valuables out of harm's way and preventing further damage. On the other hand, water restoration services are utilized to fix the damage that water has already done to your property.

It is key to understand the implication of water damage and take adequate action in any one event. If you require water damage restoration services, call our team at 24/7 Water Damage Concord!


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